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Dr. Richard Arbuckle

Dentist (DDS)

College: Iowa University – Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

BS: Iowa University 

Personal Bio: Dr. Arbuckle was born and raised in Iowa, Mason City. He has 1 brother. On his spare time he likes to hike, ride his bike and watch movies. He has been in the dental profession for 25 years!

Personal Favorites: His favorite comedian is Rodney Dangerfiled and his favorite rock band is Imagine Dragons.

Person Quote:  “No matter where you go, there you are.”

Patient Impact: He worked on an 18 year old girl that had enamel-plasia, which made her teeth look rotten. She always talked with her hand over her mouth. She was very shy and never had a boyfriend before. Dr. Arbuckle crowned all her teeth and followed up with her a year later and she is very outgoing, gained confident, and has a boyfriend and a job!