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Dr. Nelson Krum

Dentist (DDS)

College:  University of Colorado 

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) 

BA- Dartmouth College, NH

Personal Bio: Dr. Krum has been practicing dentistry since 1979 and is married with four grown children. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, tennis and building wooden model ships.

Personal Association:  Dr. Krum is an author with two books published, “The Saudi Oil Gambit” and “Disaster at Bushehr”. He writes under the pen name Reginald Nelson.

Person Favorites:  His favorite authors are Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Dan Brown and Harlan Coben.

Person Quote:  “I will provide the same type of caring and concern for you that I do for my family. You will be provided the best that dentistry has to offer in a warm, fun, caring atmosphere. Welcome Home! It’s all good!”

Patient Impact: I placed implants on a man who had worn dentures for forty years and could no longer keep them in. He called me from the steak house, where he was enjoying his first steak in a decade.