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Estefanny Andrada (Steff)

Dental Therapist

College: Pines City College and university of Baguio

Degree: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM), B.S Biology 

High school: University of Baguio

Personal bio: She has got her on the job training at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Dental Dispensary before being an Associate Dentist & owner of a Dental clinic in the Philippines before returning to Saipan. She has been in the Dental Profession for 30 years and has been working as a Dental therapist for 21 years. Married and mama not only to her son, but also to her nephews and nieces. She makes sure to spend her free time bonding with her family. She loves to travel whenever she can and usually flies every year to visit her family back at home in the Philippines or in the states. 

Personal favorites: 2 little morning and afternoon walks and hiking with my hubby, listening to 80s and 90s music, reading, watching, baking and gardening are what I do when I’m home. 

Personal quote: “Everything happens for a reason. Live it, love it and learn it” 

Patient impact: I was able to help restore rampant caries on a 19 year old teen who had to fly for his military dental exam the following day. I worked only on him the whole afternoon. I finished an all-complete mouth restoration including cleaning. He called me after three days to let me know he passed his dental checkup. He came to visit after 5 months with a bouquet of flowers in his military uniform.